Lightluck is an electro pop band originating from Switzerland who incorporate elements of Swiss cultural music into their original song writing. Their sound is unique not only because of the special instrumenation, which consists of drums, bass, cello, two singers but also because of the inclusion of two swiss diatonic accordions.

The balancing act between electro pop and Swiss folk music presents a fresh and vibrant new sound while the pumping beats and rythmic grooves will tempt you to dance. Their new single Paranoia is now available.

Cinzia Catania (voice)
Isa Wallin (voice)
Cégiu (cello, FX)
Adrian Würsch (swiss diatonic accordion, FX)
Robin Mark (swiss diatonic accordion, FX)
Pirmin Huber (upright bass, FX)
Christian Zünd (drums)

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Photo: Ruediger Schestag